Autogas maintenance & LPG repair service for your existing system Arun Alternatives Group, based in Littlehampton West Sussex have sufficient experience, training, and the necessary equipment to carry out most routine autogas servicing. Our specialist autogas repair service to both "Factory" fit systems and also aftermarket retrofit LPG / Autogas system can rapidly get you back running on cleaner "half price fuel" .

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We can service and repair most types of retro fitted lpg conversion,even those fitted abroad.

Having an intermittent or constant fault with you LPG autogas system can be annoying at the least and painful to your pocket at the worst. Over the last 14 years our team have resolved thousands of issues with retro fitted and factory fitted LPG autogas systems. We offer specialist lpg system diagnosis and LPG repairs for all converted vehicles.

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My lpg tank wont fill:- The simplicity of the working of a gas tank rarely cause problems, frequently out lasting the vehicle. But being mechanical the valves can fail and are easily replaced if accessable. Another example could be the tank is full and the gas system has a fault causing it not to operate, giving the driver the impression that the tank is empty.

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Necam Koltec LPG systems were adopted as the factory fitted system by a number of motor manufacturers, including FordVauxhall Dual Fuel and Volvo Bi Fuel.

Thorough factory fitted Necam koltec LPG system servicing and repairs. Servicing for factory fitted Vauxhall Dual Fuel vehicles (Necam Koltec) vehicles from 1997 to 2007, Regular servicing at 12,500 and 40,000 miles maintains optimum LPG performance

Vauxhall Dual Fuel models have been available between 1998 through to 2009, most of which were converted by Vauxhalls Millbrook LPG centre. Also during this time the scheme trained several local LPG specialists, for diagnosis and in the later years to convert vehicles using the vehicle specific systems developed by Millbrook. AAG's parent company under took all available courses and is trained to service and diagnosis all Vauxhall Dual Fuel LPG models.

Ford factory fitted Necam variants on Ford LPG vehicles (Ford Necam Koltec) and Ford Transit Necam LPG between 1999 - 2006 servicingintervals are recommended at every 15,000 miles or 1 year (whichever comes first) - and every 45,000 miles (Ford Necam Koltec) - 90 minutes duration

Volvo Bi Fuel factory fitted Necam lpg servicing and repairs to Volvo Bi Fuel Necam LPG models 1997 - 2006 is recommended at every 15,000 miles or 1 year and 45,000 miles (Volvo Necam Bi Fuel)

We are also familier with the Volvo CNG system, however there are two manufacturers that supplied CNG systems to Volvo.

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